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On behalf of Jacob, RaShea, and Ryan...thanks for attending our panel on AI for website content.
AI for Website Content
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A few of our clients

Client testimonials

"Jacob and his team at have dramatically improved our...operational flow with high quality, high quantity content... In just over 12 months...Jacob and his team:
* 710% organic traffic growth over 12 months
* 913% increase in keywords in top 3 positions
* 626% increase in keywords on page 1
* 800 featured snippets gained
As you can see, I highly recommend Jacob. He's the best of the best."

Brad Parker, PrivateAuto

"Jacob is the real deal in SEO — there's absolutely no fluff or snake oil with him. I was SO impressed by how quickly he architected a structurally sound and useful SEO strategy for our brand. I was especially pleased with our results (2x organic traffic and a noticeable jump in solid organic leads), AND I love that he focuses more on on-page SEO vs. off-page (i.e. scammy link-building). I recommend no one else for SEO!"

Peter Fuller, The Workflow Academy

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