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Organic search traffic is the best traffic. You can't buy it. But we can earn it for you by growing your brand's topical authority.

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Why invest in SEO?


When your site appears high in the SERPs, your brand exudes authority and expertise. Google's signaling its trust in you, so you must be trustworthy. Right?


A massive contingent of buyers are immune to ads. They don't trust them. They want to click on an organic search result. This is the best kind of traffic...and it must be earned.


Customers search with intent to purchase. They're ready to buy. We can analyze search patterns and develop content that satisfies their search intent perfectly. 


Search engine optimization compounds over time. The more you rank, the more traffic you get. The more traffic, the more you rank. Attention begets attention.

SEO just works.

Our content-first search engine optimization process creates brand authority in your niche. 
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Client testimonials

Nothing beats the thrill of happy clients getting traffic and revenue from our SEO!
"Jacob and his team at have dramatically improved our...operational flow with high quality, high quantity content... In just over 12 months...Jacob and his team:
* 710% organic traffic growth over 12 months
* 913% increase in keywords in top 3 positions
* 626% increase in keywords on page 1
* 800 featured snippets gained
As you can see, I highly recommend Jacob. He's the best of the best."

Brad Parker, PrivateAuto

"Jacob is the real deal in SEO — there's absolutely no fluff or snake oil with him. I was SO impressed by how quickly he architected a structurally sound and useful SEO strategy for our brand. I was especially pleased with our results (2x organic traffic and a noticeable jump in solid organic leads), AND I love that he focuses more on on-page SEO vs. off-page (i.e. scammy link-building). I recommend no one else for SEO!"

Peter Fuller, The Workflow Academy

"Jacob...and his team quickly got up to speed in our industry, which is quite technical. They produced first-class content that drove traffic and also clearly explained our value proposition. Jacob also helped coach my internal team on content best practices...After 3 months, our inbound web traffic is up 134%. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to increase their traffic and web presence."

Melissa Bime, Infiuss Health

"Jacob transformed my 2 automotive brands with his SEO. Before he started, my only sales were word of mouth. After several months of his SEO work, inbound orders were pouring in. Today, I'm scrambling to keep up. I'm ranking at the top for my main keyword, which is highly competitive, and couldn't be happier."

Bryce Dickson, Revolution Vinyl, also Armored Clear Bra PPF

"Jacob and his team at produced fast results for my company, Origins. Within a few weeks of working with him, I already have seen major movement in keyword rankings and traffic. He has us ranked highly on YouTube for some high-value search queries, and organic search rankings are seeing exponential growth. Jacob takes the time to explain everything thoroughly, and is very easy to work with."

Jenny Wallentine, Origins

"Each time I pay Jacob, I put a magician’s hat in the memo with a dose of gratitude for the way he has worked magic for my business! His SEO expertise and skills rank at the top. Within days of having him work on my site, he was able to get me ranked and noticed by some of my best current clients. I’ve been trying to get there for years. That was only six months ago and he has singly turned my business around. I would refer anybody serious about getting clients and internet attention to work with Jacob."

Krista Kacey, Ignite Studios

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The power of SEO for growth

Search engine optimization represents an immense opportunity for ecommerce brands, SaaS companies, or anyone else looking to gain traction. 
Ecommerce traffic growth from SEO
Traffic growth for new ecommerce site.


We're here to drive traffic to you and chew bubble gum. And we're all out of bubble gum.
"25x organic traffic growth in 6 months!"
—Parker Olsen, Forij
"Jacob's knowledge of SEO and content marketing came through in the consulting work he did for Tribe Socks. He developed a comprehensive roadmap for our team to execute on, including website architecture, keyword research, URL structuring, content creation, and more."
—Eric Kami, founder, Tribe Socks
"CustomerFaucet has been great! It has helped me grow my business and helped do a lot of heavy lifting with me. "
—William Bui-Perez, automotive brand
Search engine optimization growth for marketplace

"It's been an explosion."

Our client Bryce runs two automotive brands. We blew up his phone for both brands.
"Jacob Andra has completely transformed my's been an explosion. I had to bring on three more guys...if there's one investment that you needed to make in your business right now, I'm going to say, call CustomerFaucet and talk to Jacob Andra..."

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