We grow your business. You pay us from the growth. Win-win.

When you hire a marketing agency, or even an in-house marketing team, you take all the risk. They get paid whether their efforts produce additional revenue for you or not. It's time for a better way. Welcome to the CustomerFaucet.com revenue-sharing model.
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Shared risk, shared reward

At CustomerFaucet.com, we approach marketing as a partnership. We're willing to invest in brands we believe in by providing search engine optimization and other digital services on a revenue-sharing basis. If we help you grow your business, we get to share in that growth. 

As a CustomerFaucet.com partner, you get world-class marketing and SEO services with no upfront cost. You have no downside, both of us have unlimited upside.

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digital marketing driving traffic and rankings
Yes. We want to work with dynamic brands that are as ambitious as we are. 

We also perform thorough research on keywords, traffic, rankings, and competitors to identify those brands for which we are confident we can move the needle significantly.

Our application form should give you a sense of what we're looking for. Go ahead and fill it out, and we'll get right back to you on whether we think you're a fit!

If we decide to work with you on a revenue-sharing basis, you bear no upfront cost. We get paid out of the growth we create, and every revenue-sharing arrangement is different just as every brand is different. 

We'll analyze your brand, your competitive landscape, and the growth opportunities available, and we'll make a proposal that makes sense to us. You get to decide if it makes sense to you, and we can discuss together.
Sometimes within a couple weeks, more often within a month or two.  Sometimes it takes three or four months for us to make a demonstrable difference.

After we have a look at your specifics, we'll have a better idea of timetable. 
We stand to make more money on a revenue-sharing deal, which is only fair. We're removing all risk from you and taking it on ourselves. 

The worst that can happen for you is that revenues stay the same and you pay nothing.

The worst that can happen for us is that we put in hundreds of hours of work and spend thousands of dollars on expenses and make nothing from it.

By shouldering the downside, we expect more upside. 

If we analyze your company and make a revenue-sharing proposal, it means we're confident we can deliver significant growth. 

A deal like this is the purest win-win imaginable, with all incentives perfectly aligned.

What are we waiting for? Let's go.

CustomerFaucet.com application for revenue-share service

Here's where you give us as much info as possible. Remember, a revenue-share arrangement can be awesome for both of us...if things align correctly. When we consider a revenue-sharing agreement, we want to make sure it benefits both of us. That's why it's important that you provide as much info as possible so we can weigh all the factors.

After receiving your application, we will follow up with you to let you know if we see revenue share marketing to be a fit for both of us, or to gather further details if we feel those are needed.

Thank you.