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Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic Search Engine Optimization continues to matter a lot for brands looking to stay relevant online in 2021. continues to rank our clients in national search engine rankings.
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Organic SEO a different game from local SEO

Just as local SEO is key for a local business, organic SEO can make or break a brand that conducts business primarily online. 

It's important to note that a national brand may or may not have a local component (a Google My Business listing for a Google Maps physical location) while a local business may often have an online component catering to a national or international audience. Hence, organic SEO and local SEO commonly overlap.

National organic SEO

Organic search engine optimization, (also called national SEO or just plain SEO) involves trying to claim the top spot for geographically-agnostic search queries. 

National SEO keywords tend to be much more competitive than local search terms, simply because the search traffic is much higher. Compare the following two search engine queries:

• A person in Peoria searches "best yoga near me"
• A person in Peoria searches "best yoga mat"

Google's natural language processing engine immediately understands that the person in the first example intends to take yoga classes somewhere in their neighborhood and will serve up a Google Maps pack followed by other search results related to Peoria yoga studios. Google understands "near me" to mean "in Peoria, Illinois."

In the second example, Google recognizes that the query is not related to Peoria and will show the searcher a mixture of ecommerce sites selling yoga mats, blogs, and reviews sites that compare and contrast yoga mat brands. 

Given that far more people search for "best yoga mat" than for Peoria yoga studios, ranking for the local term is less competitive. Therefore, organic/national SEO may need a longer time horizon when measuring movement in the search rankings.

Page quality paramount for national SEO

When a person performs an internet search, they always do so with a specific search intent. Google has gotten good at identifying different types of user intent, and they scan your site to evaluate its relevancy to the user intent it ascribes to the search. 

The organic SEO goal, then, is to convince Google and other search engines that YOUR company website is the answer to the user intent behind a search query.

Google's E-A-T criteria

As far back as 2014, Google has instructed its page quality evaluators to view websites in terms of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. This EAT (often rendered E-A-T or E A T) perspective encapsulates the new landscape of search engine optimization. 

Keyword stuffing, backlinks, and other superficial fixes won't fool the search engines; for you to rank, your on-page content must be topically relevant, and your offpage SEO campaigns must build brand recognition and a larger online presence. 

In other words, you've got to focus on substance: expertise, authoritativeness, and trust.
Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness - CustomerFaucet.com

Organic / national SEO: the way

As with all our Search Engine Optimization campaigns, we begin a national SEO campaign with through research into relevant keywords and search volume as well as Google entities and topical clusters. 

We analyze our client's current rankings and the ranking factors that have placed them where they are in the SERPs. We look at the competition across high-volume target keywords. Then, we formulate an organic search engine optimization strategy tailored to our findings. 

Our national SEO campaigns emphasize EAT factors and raising the topical relevancy, brand halo, and authoritativeness of our clients within their industry.

Relevant content in on-page SEO

Using long-tail keywords, entities, and latent semantic indexing clusters, we create compelling website content that includes all of the technical SEO elements to tickle Google's E A T preferences and also address user intent behind search queries related to your product or service.

Essentially, we write for Google and the user's intent simultaneously, and it works incredibly well for organic rankings.

Off-page SEO to expand your digital footprint deploys a wide array of SEO techniques across a wide range of internet sites and properties to build up Google's awareness of—and trust in—your brand. 

These include social media profiles (set up in an optimal way), content syndication, image SEO, video SEO, and other off-page SEO methods.

Technical SEO to drive organic search traffic

In addition to topically-relevant content creation, coherent site structure, and offsite SEO, uses technical SEO supplements for boosting your brand's E A T signal. 

These include proprietary traffic-nurturing systems (click-through-rate, or CTR, is an enormous ranking factor), world-class schema markup, and other wizardry.
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