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Marketing matters to your success. A lot. Which is why we're so intense about it. When you hire us, you're placing a lot of trust in our hands, and we don't take that lightly. When you hire, here's what you're getting.

Marketing that makes a difference is a digital marketing agency that emphasizes the power of search engine optimization, B2B marketing, and strategy. We take an omnichannel, brand-centric online marketing approach that leverages content marketing, social media marketing, and other avenues to power core objectives for our clients. was founded by Jacob Andra, an award-winning digital marketing expert, entrepreneur, and writer based in Salt Lake City, UT. Jacob believes that for every brand, there is an effective marketing strategy just waiting to be unlocked. 
For almost every brand in almost every industry, better SEO is almost always the fastest avenue to revenue growth. Harnessing the natural language processing and topical relevancy progression of Google's search engine, we push brands to the forefront of local and national search results. We create on-page content written around topical clusters and Google entities to signal authority, trust, and relevance, allowing us to climb to the top of search results...and stay there. This is future-proof SEO.
Account-based marketing, or ABM, is a laser-focused approach for marketing high-dollar offerings to industry clients. Rather than being a single process, ABM is a framework within which deploys email marketing, social media marketing, our own guerilla marketing tactics, and much more to convert corporate prospects into customers.